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  The Dentist Daily Promotions, News & Jokes

The Dentist Daily: Promotions, News, Jocks    ( Posted on: 03/12/2014 )

Welcome to Advanced Dentistry!

Hello, Our Dear Friends and Patients!

Our specials until June 30, 2014 as follows:

For Our New Patients:

Free exam and consultation and 20% OFF on any treatment.

25% OFF for any preventive or deep cleaning,kids or adults.

25% OFF-professional in office teeth whitening.

When you see results, you'll be simply amazed!

We are using the best possible equipment and special gels to make your teethes look brilliant and do not have sensitivity problems after the procedure.

Free cleaning with any dental treatment.

For Our Existing Patients:

25% Senior Citizen's Discount.

10% OFF on feelings and root canals.

10% OFF on any cosmetic procedure,including professional in office teeth whitening,and again when you'll see results,you'll be amazed how good it is!

For all school students:

25% OFF for any preventive cleaning.

We also have different COUPONS available.

Now it's a joke time!

Q: What is a dentist's office?

A: A filling station

Q: What did the dentist see at the North Pole?

A: A molar bear

Q: What did the dentist say to the golfer?

A: "You have a hole in one. "

Q: What was the dentist doing in Panama?

A: Looking for the Root Canal!

Our Dear Friends!

Thank you so very much for your patronage and we are looking forward to be in your service any time you need us!

See you in our great office and keep smiling! May God Bless You And Your Families!